Hair Accessories For Silky Fine Fly-Away Hair.

Hair Accessories For Silky Fine Fly-Away Hair.

Do you have fine silky hair? I do… Let me share a few daily hassles that I and many other silky haired people face:

Too much product in our hair can flatten the hair giving us that gaunt Morticia Addams look.

Not enough product in our hair can make us look like we’ve been playing with a Tesla Coil.

Back-combing always seems like a good idea at the time…

Hair strands break easily so curling irons/straighteners/hairdryers can be very damaging.

One gust of wind and we look like we’ve been climbing trees.

No matter how long we spend styling our hair, a few hours later its back to how it was before we started.

Keeping hair accessories in is a nightmare, they just seem to slide right out.

Any of these sound familiar? A lot of these problems over the years have left me with a feeling of “why bother?”.

Then I started working at Tegen’s and watched as other women with silky hair.

came into the shop with beautiful hair styles and tried on various.

Hair Accessories For Silky Fine Fly-Away Hair.

different hair accessories.

Through their stories, personal experience and collaboration with other women.

with similar hair to mine, I have put together a list of what I think are the best hair accessories.

for silky hair. Our French Handmade range are made from a light weight flexible resin, making them great for silky hair.

Jaw Clips: When choosing any hair accessory it is always best to try it out first, this way you can test it in your hair.

to see if it’s right for your hair type.

When selecting a good jaw clip, you need to consider how close together the teeth are, how strong the spring mechanism is and the overall weight of the clip.
Around 10 different stages go into making our French Handmade jaw clips, they have a strong steel spring mechanism, have carefully compacted teeth so when closed, the clip is designed to keep in as much hair as possible and as well not to mention being cut with a hand held laser, making
edges extra smooth… no more split ends!
Photo: Handmade 9cm Floralie Midnight Blue Jaw.


 When selecting a comb you will need to consider the overall weight .
of the comb as well as the gaps between the teeth. The bigger the gaps between teeth, the more hair will escape.
A particularly good comb for silky hair is our French Handmade Tortoiseshell Long Comb. The flexible resin makes it light weight and kind to the scalp .when fixing in place. The closely placed teeth make for  a firm grip in silky hair.


: When choosing a barrette you should look for something light weight, strong and one that will secure tightly around the hair.
Our Handmade French barrettes are all constructed out of strong steel, light weight and are designed to close tightly around your hair with no loose ends or questionable slipping.
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